Founder Message

Soraba was founded as a method of compacting necessity treatment in a simple form. The beauty industry has been long introduced to various well known brands and had welcomed numerous of new brands. Yet, skincare and makeup had been quite the get go in the industry. People tend to forget about their body and neglect the skin’s urgent scream for treatment. Soraba was founded at the base of providing the treatment required to maintain a healthy skin.


In light of innovation and technology, Soraba’s creations are also grounded by customer’s need on a daily basis. We urge to find solutions in cure of all concerns to ease treatments with one single step. I hope that Soraba can be a pamper to the soul and companion to the skin for all despite the busy schedule.

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Product Background

SORABA is a professional personal care brand based in Indonesia that specialized in treating body skin. 

Was launched on October 2021, Soraba introduced their first ever product, Soraba In Shower Treatment that used natural active ingredients with AHA and BHA that really have a great impact in removing dead skin cells and control sebum which is the cause of acne. 

Not only give the best treatment for the body, using Soraba also good for stress relieve, so it is suitable for those who have a heavy activities or a busy daily routine. 

Soraba hand cream is formulated with the combination of Cactus stem extract, Lavender, Geranium and Ylang-ylang oil to help maintain skin moisture, hydration and smoothness.

By using Soraba before and after activities, you keep your skin healthy throughout the day.


Our Product


Mint & Tea Tree



Not only good to cleaned the skin from bacterial and germs, Soraba also good to prevent and treat back acne. 

Yes, of course anyone can used Soraba, specially those who struggling with back acne. 

All variant is good to treat back acne. However, to give maximum protection, you can used Mint & Tea Tree. 

Currently, we don’t have offline store yet. But, you can find us at Shopee and Tokopedia with username soraba.official.

Office 88 Kasablanka Tower A, 18th floor Jl. Kasablanca Raya Kav 88 Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

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