Raised in a tradition where society judges more than what they know, our founder decided to create a company with true meaning.

In search of names and meaning, she landed on the name NATHA, protections for daughters.


our promise
Natha Jaya Makmur

Growing up in a social media era, our founder felt like she was the only one living with flaws and insecurities. She raves to search for products to help with her problems and flaws. After testing products with all the trial and errors, she founded a few products to help her with, and her confidence began to grow.

During her search in all the beauty products, she began to realize that many is encountering the same mishaps she’s experiencing. She was not alone, but people tend to cover it with all that they can in the digital era.

With that confidence and knowledge, she started to explore the beauty world and all in it to see the details and ingredients of the product she uses. Out of her curiosity, she acknowledge that the ingredients in the products are not all natural and beneficial to the skin.

Our founder then decided to create a company, where all woman can feel beautiful and confident, despite all of their flaws and imperfections.