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Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Every person must have gone through a phase of stress, whether in high or low levels. Stress can also have an impact on body weight, appetite, lack of enthusiasm and can interfere even in daily activities. But there are some effective ways that we can relieve stress.

1. Running or Jogging

Reporting from Health Me Up, that running or jogging can relieve stress, improve mood and cause an increase in the production of endorphins. Running is one of the way to transfered negative energies in a relatively healthy way.

2. Yoga

Basically, yoga teaches us to regulate the flow of breathing and meditation. Yoga can effectively reduce high stress levels and restore a good mood. It is seldom that many therapists advise people that suffered from stress to do yoga regularly.

3. Write a Diary

Diary is used to transfered our emotions into writing. There is a study from Anxiety, Stress & Coping in 2010, explaining that pouring our emotions and stories into a diary can reduced stress levels. The trick is to tell us all the things that make us become stressed or things that disturb our minds.

4. Reduce caffeine consumption

Indeed this sounds simple or trivial. However, consuming large amounts of caffeine, coffee and sugar can increase stress hormones and cause feelings of anxiety.

5. Smell the Scent

Smelling a fragrant aroma has been shown to reduce stress levels in a person. For example smelling aromatherapy candles installed in the room. Besides that, you can smell essential oils, smell certain flowers, smell nature outside and etc.

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6. Sensory Inspiration

Identifying about sensory techniques is not easy. However, start looking for inspiration starting from around that can improve a good mood.

  • Memory

Maybe there is something, such as a blanket or a childhood doll that we used to hug to feel calm. Things like this can stimulate your mind to become more calm. So that your stress level can be reduced

  • Parents

Try to tell your parents what is bothering you. Or think about your parents struggles to make us happy in various ways. Because in truth, the love of parents can relieve our feelings of anxiety

  • Imagination

When the stress comes, you can imagine your face as a baby, which can provide a calming effect or give the same energy to the brain when looking at the photo. The moment where you have remembered a strong sensation, then this can be one of the stress relieving tools.

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